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Parent Compact and Agreement

Jones Elementary School
“We care, we share, for our future we prepare”

Family Engagement Policy


1. Statement


The members of the faculty of Jones Elementary School believe in facilitating a holistic approach to educating our students. Our goal is to provide for the educational, social and emotional development of each student. In order to accomplish this goal, we believe it is essential that we develop a strong and supportive relationship with parents and the community that surrounds us. We endeavor to communicate regularly with all stakeholders as we move forward providing all a rigorous and relevant education.


2. Building Capacity for Involvement
A. Jones Elementary invites parents to take an active role in the process of providing educational services to their children. Parents are informed of assistance received through Title 1 funds and are given the opportunity to review the budget and make suggestion and / or recommendations.
B. Jones Elementary parents are informed of Leadership Team meeting and are invited to serve as a member or attend at their convenience. The Leadership Team which also serves as the School Improvement Team meets monthly. Minutes are made available to parents through posting on the website.
    1. Jones Elementary practices a reasonable “open door” policy. Administrators and staff welcome visits from parents and community stakeholders. In addition, stakeholders are invited and encouraged to share with the students and staff during presentations of special curriculum aligned programs.
    2. Jones Elementary hosts and facilitates Parent, Community and Stakeholders meetings regularly as part of our parent involvement initiative. The group plans activities for parents and students and assists with volunteer recruitment.
3. Shared Responsibility
A. During the school year, Jones Elementary staff works to empower parents by presenting them with information on the academic progress of their children. Suggestion and ideas are presented on how they can work with and assist their children at home. Continuous effort is made to develop and strengthen the relationship between home and school. Parents receive information weekly through agenda correspondence and / or the take home folder. Parents are also contacted by the use of community outreach through ConnectEd when appropriate. Parents at Jones Elementary have access to Parental Portal. Parents may also monitor their children's progress by arranged visits with the teacher.
B. Each school year, parents, students, teachers and administrators are asked to sign a Student Compact Agreement. This agreement represents an opportunity for all to affirm their specific responsibilities. By signing the agreement, all commit to work together to provide every opportunity for the child to succeed. This agreement serves as the focus of plans, efforts, and strategies that will be used at school and at home to ensure that all children are provided an opportunity to reach their potential.
B. Copies of the Parent Involvement Policy are sent home by the students to all parents. In addition, parents may view this policy by visiting the Jones Elementary website.
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