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Welcome To Art!

  • Students will become well versed in the basic art elements and principles of design.
  • Students will grow in their appreciation of art and in their visual awareness.
  • Students will understand that art stimulates intellectual growth and creative self-
  • Students will take risks in art to solve problems through experimentation and problem solving.
  • Students will be pushed to think “outside of the box” to create solutions that exemplify the principles of design.
  • Students will learn that all subjects in school culminate to an end of creative expression, bringing new life and breaking boundaries.
  • Student will experience a rigorous curriculum that focuses on flexibility, originality,
    appreciation, and imagination.
  • Students will grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, aesthetically and perceptually.
  • Ultimately, each student will experience art both individually and socially, such to become a well-rounded learner.

Visual Art Essential Standards
Click HERE to view the Common Core Visual Art Essential Standards for North Carolina.
Grading Scale
  • M = Mastery
  • S = Satisfactory
  • N = Needs Improvement
  • U = Unsatisfactory